Workshops at Om create the opportunity for us to come together as a community.

We move, we learn and we play – and the best part is that we do it all together!

February 3 Week Prenatal Yoga Workshop Series

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Prenatal yoga is designed for a women to connect to breath, body & baby. The benefits of yoga for a women during her prenatal journey, encompasses the mind, body & spirit. Here are some benefits that you can experience through prenatal yoga:⁣

  • Can reduces & relieve common pregnancy ailments including lower back pain, sleep issues, shortness of breath & nausea⁣
  • Calms the nervous system, reducing stress & anxiety related to pregnancy & change⁣
  • Pelvic Floor awareness & strengthening through toning & release⁣
  • Endurance, Flexibility & Strength⁣
  • Labor & Delivery preparation through mindfulness of trusting your body, breath, strength & release⁣
  • Connection to baby by focusing time that is set aside specifically for your pregnancy experience, reinforcing a special bond of time⁣
  • Community of other moms that you can start to build a group of supportive women beyond birth⁣
  • Postures & breathing techniques can help prepare your body for birth by improving circulation, strengthening pelvic floor & uteriun muscles, eliviate fatugue, aid digestion, strengthen and release back tension

Come flow, stretch & connect with your body, baby & breath every Monday at 5:45pm for 60 minutes.


Mats & all props are provided


Sunday April 12th, 2020 – “YOU’RE SO COREGEOUS”

1:00 pm – 2:15 pm

Join Jenn of Jenn Stanley Yoga for a great workshop for your mind, body, spirit and your CORE!

Jenn is back at OM again – this time with her coregeous balls to guide you through a great workshop, ending with a relaxing yoga flow.

Cost: $25 per person