Workshops at Om create the opportunity for us to come together as a community.

We move, we learn and we play – and the best part is that we do it all together!

February 3 Week Prenatal Yoga Workshop Series

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Prenatal yoga is designed for a women to connect to breath, body & baby. The benefits of yoga for a women during her prenatal journey, encompasses the mind, body & spirit. Here are some benefits that you can experience through prenatal yoga:⁣

  • Can reduces & relieve common pregnancy ailments including lower back pain, sleep issues, shortness of breath & nausea⁣
  • Calms the nervous system, reducing stress & anxiety related to pregnancy & change⁣
  • Pelvic Floor awareness & strengthening through toning & release⁣
  • Endurance, Flexibility & Strength⁣
  • Labor & Delivery preparation through mindfulness of trusting your body, breath, strength & release⁣
  • Connection to baby by focusing time that is set aside specifically for your pregnancy experience, reinforcing a special bond of time⁣
  • Community of other moms that you can start to build a group of supportive women beyond birth⁣
  • Postures & breathing techniques can help prepare your body for birth by improving circulation, strengthening pelvic floor & uteriun muscles, eliviate fatugue, aid digestion, strengthen and release back tension

Come flow, stretch & connect with your body, baby & breath every Monday at 5:45pm for 60 minutes.


Mats & all props are provided




Sunday February 23rd, 2020 – Heal the Heart Book Club

3:00 pm

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) – the heart plays a major role in all life activities. When the heart is healthy, our spirit is open and allows for clear thinking and proper reactions. We sleep well, and our emotions are balanced.

The heart is nourished by deep conversations and connections with others.

In this age of change, it’s time to leave behind the superficial and the things holding us back. Conversation is necessary. It is time to take charge of our health, of our future – so let’s start with a book! Reading stimulates deeper thinking and unites us.

It means we take time to focus on ourselves.

So! Read the chosen book, then join me, Dr. Lydia Kovacs, Naturopathic doctor, and other members of your community, to discuss! Voice your opinions, share your actions. Learn more about how exactly these methods, and more, can be used to nourish your TCM heart.

The first book is chosen by me, following books will be voted on!

Book #1: The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer – available at the library – for more information on who Amanda Palmer is, and on this book, watch her TED talk:

I have chosen this book because Amanda Palmer is a personal inspiration of mine. This book talks about how not to fear asking for help, asking for anything, and what can happen when you do open yourself up and as

Sunday April 12th, 2020 – “YOU’RE SO COREGEOUS”

1:00 pm – 2:15 pm

Join Jenn of Jenn Stanley Yoga for a great workshop for your mind, body, spirit and your CORE!

Jenn is back at OM again – this time with her coregeous balls to guide you through a great workshop ending with a relaxing yoga flow.

Cost: $25 per person